Video Feedback

What is video feedback?

Video Feedback is similar to a hyper-focused guitar lesson.
Send us a video and we’ll provide insight into what can take your playing to the next level.


You get feedback on guitar technique, musicianship, and ergonomics.

Follow-up support

You can reach out anytime after you receive your video feedback.


All materials and resources are provided to you for free.

In what situation could it help to get video feedback?

Is a certain technique giving you a hard time?

We can take a look and find a solution.

Just starting out and not sure what to do with the guitar?

We can offer you a strategy on how to move forward with the guitar so you can enjoy playing.

Does playing the guitar cause discomfort or pain?

We can talk about ergonomics, locate the issue, and provide a solution.

Examples of video feedback

allstyleguitar video feedback guitar

A great video feedback session with Alex!
This gives you an idea of what it looks like 😉

How to get started.

purchase video feedback
Fill out the form

Fill out the video feedback form we put together to specifically identify your needs in order to provide the most personalized feedback.


You get confirmation through e-mail after you submit the form.

Then, you will get you video feedback within 72 hours.


“I absolutely loved learning with Cristian. He is a very patient and non-judgmental teacher, which I find to be very necessary as a perfectionist student ! ;)”
Sarah N.

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